Published November 4, 2004


McClain Trivia Quiz

CORRECTION: Bob Watts submitted a correction for question #13. The new and correct answer has been substituted. (11/30/04)
Someone attending my wife's class reunion distributed this trivia quiz regarding the history of the Greenfield schools. Answer what you can and click the submit button. I'll publish the answers as I receive them. However, if you think any of the submitted answers are in error, let me know at Enjoy!
1. What was McClain's mascot before we were the Tigers? Yellow Jackets
2. What year was the new gym built? First game was played November 26, 1974.*
3. What is written over the 6th Street entry door say? "Achievements Live in Deeds not Years"
4. What year did the elementary (current middle school) building open for the first time? 1924
5. What year did the Duncan McArthur Primary School open? 1961
6 a. What year did McClain have its first girls' varsity softball team? b. Who was the coach?
a. 1975
b. Karen Yeager
7. Who was the head football coach in 1959? Paul Orr
8. When was the first organized McClain girls' basketball team formed? 1973-1974 season*
9. What year was the first golf team ever to qualify for a state tournament? 1995*
10. What year did the boys varsity swim team have a 19-0 season and the SOSL Championship? 1995-1996 season*
11. How long has Coach Rick Vanmatre been our basketball coach? Since 1981
12. What year did Coach Vanmatre have a 20-0 regular season and a 25-1 overall season? 1986 - 1987 season*
13. What left-handed pitcher threw one no hitter each year in his sophomore, junior and senior years? Brad Campbell: 4/13/1996 vs. Chesapeake, score 6-0; 5/7/1997 vs. Southeastern, score 7-0; 4/29/1998 vs. Miami Trace, score 6-1 (1 run was scored because of walks and errors)
14. Possibly the only McClain basketball player to be listed on the Associated Press All-Ohio first team two years in succession was? Don Grate, 1940 -41 & 1941 -42 seasons*
15. In January 2000, two McClain Varsity basketball coaches celebrated their 300th victory the same year, five days apart. They were  ?  and ?. Dennis Overstake & Rick Vanmatre
16. In 1902-1903 , school spirit became a priority among students of Greenfield High School. School colors of purple and lavender were chosen, then changed to blue and gold. In 1903-1904, the colors were again changed. The new colors wereand ?. Purple and Gold
17. Interscholastic athletics were cancelled in October 1914, and remained void for two years. The McClain High School Principal ordered the dissolution based on the Board of Education rule that "no teams shall be organized in any sport unless the financial obligations for the preceding season have been discharged." That Principal was Franklin Raymond Harris
18. A Greenfield grad who experienced honor recognitions : high school in football, basketball, and track & field; college prep school for boys in football, basketball and track & field; College: Blue Gray Classic 1960 football game in Montgomery, Alabama; played football four seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. He was? Raymond "Dutch" Purdin
19. A first Class B Sectional Preliminary basketball tournament , under the direction of O. H. S. A. A. , was played at McClain High School in the year? March 2 & 3, 1923*
20. A Greenfield High School graduate of 1909, tied for first place in the 100 yard dash in the State Track & Field Meet at Delaware, coached the Clinton, Indiana, basketball team to a state championship, and joined the McClain High School faculty in 1934. His name was? William E. Davis
21. In 1907, Greenfield High School became a member of a state athletic organization whose object was to raise the standard of character and scholarship of schools participating in interscholastic athletics. The organization was? O.H.S.A.A. Ohio High School Athletic Association*
Greenfield High School and McClain High School, over the past 100 years have belonged to seven interscholastic athletic leagues. In order they are?
22. 1903 C.O.I.A.L. Central Ohio Interscholastic Athletic League*
23. 1922 S.C.O.A.L. South Central Ohio Athletic League*
24. 1936 S.C.L. South Central League (later commonly called S.C.O.L.*
25. 1986 S.O.S.L. Southern Ohio Swim League*
26. 1999 BAC (football only)*
27. 2001 SBAAC, Southern Buckeye Academic & Athletic Conference*
28. 2003 S.C.O.L
The Ohio State Invitational Swimming Meet, sanctioned by the O.H.S.A.A., limited to Ohio high schools with enrollment of not more than 400 boys, was held at McClain High School Natatorium. 
29. The year was? April 11, 1931*
30. The meet champion was? McClain High School*
31. The McClain coach was? Richard Aiken*
* Indicates those answers confirmed and/or provided by former McClain teacher and coach, Robert Watts. Mr. Watts has been compiling a history of McClain athletics for many years and is probably as knowledgeable as anyone around.