Published February 19, 2003


Camp Perry 1929

147th Howitzer Company, Camp Perry, Ohio, 1929

Photo by Dick Dreyer


Reader Feedback

I was recently going through some photos belonging to my mother and came across this group photo of the 147th Howitzer Company taken at Camp Perry, Ohio in 1929. Camp Perry still exists and is located near Port Clinton, Ohio on the Southwest shore of Lake Erie. It is operated as a shooting range and training camp by the Ohio National Guard.

I don't know, or recognize any of the men (However, I believe one of them to be my father, Charles W. Chapman, at age 18.) in this photo, and furthermore, I don't know anything about the history of this particular group. Do any of you local historians know if the 147th was a unit of the Greenfield National Guard and thus made up of locals? If it helps the photo was mailed to my mother in a mailing tube with the return address of, Fred Wright, Greenville, Ohio.  Email your input to me at

Because of the size of the photo I had to scan it in two sections, left and right. I did paste them together and will include all three. To keep the photos large enough to make out the faces, however, I had to keep the images pretty large. Give them time to download. Click photos to enlarge.

Full group photo of the 147th Howitzer Company.

Left half. Right half.


I also have that picture. My grandfather Edwin Robbins is also in the photo. I located this photo while helping my mom and her sisters go through his stuff a couple days after his funeral in 2001. According to my mom and aunts he is on the second row third person from the left he is wearing glasses. They knew he was in the military but couldn't confirm it other than through his story's until I found the picture rolled up and put away in a box in his closet. Anything you can tell me about the unit would be appreciated. I know from what he told me he was in the unit for several years but was discharged prior to WWII and during the war was an Air Raid Warden in Cincinnati Oh.  He lived there until he came to FL in the 50's. thanks for your help

William Anno, 12/20/2005

My step grandfather, Capt. Nelson Edward Heaton, commanded that company   around that time through 1939 when he was dismissed as unable to go to war in WWII because of three wounds sustained at Soissons, France in 1918.  My father, First Lt. Stanley Strobel, ran the unit for some years in the early 1950's after his tour in the Korean war with the 3rd Armored Reconnaissance Company, 3rd Infantry Division.  I had my grandfather's national guard company book from 1939 but donated it to the Southern Sate Community College library in Hillsboro, Ohio.  Further, I donated many of his WWI First Expeditionary Force (now American First Division) maps, unit pictures, etal to the Ohio historical society. Yes, these boys were all local or from very close by neighboring towns..
I still have my grandfathers regular army and national guard commission (Captain) certificates from 1929.

Brett Strobel 7/19/2005