Published April 23, 2003


Greenfield City Building Makes Cover

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Cover photo, by Cheryl Collier.

Greenfield's city building was built during the year of America's first centennial celebration, 1876. Almost a hundred years later it has been reconstructed as a testament to the wisdom of restoration rather than demolition. Thanks to the individual efforts of many Greenfielders and to the citizens of Greenfield who voted to dig into their collective pockets to fund the project, this major landmark is again a work of architectural beauty. In November the magazine "Cities & Villages" marked the community's achievement with a two-page cover story about the restoration project. The article was written by Cindi Pearce and designed by Kris Cross. The photo was by Cheryl Collier. Information was also taken from F.R. Harris' A Green Countrie Towne and Elsie Johnson Ayres' Hills of Highland and Ron Coffey's website. Click photos to enlarge.

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