F.R. Harris


The following photos were obtained from the public auction of F.R. Harris' estate.
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F.R. Harris the traveller

fr harris elephant.jpg (31440 bytes)

fr harris rickshaw.jpg (29842 bytes)

Inscription on back of photo reads, " India, F.R. Harris mounted on elephant back ready for journey up the Stuh Mountain to the deserted city of amber in the State of Jarpur." The photo is not dated.

Inscription on back of photo reads, "F.R. Harris and his favorite Rickshaw boy in Durham, South Africa." The photo is not dated.

F.R. Harris' brothers
fr harris brother arthur.jpg (28480 bytes) fr harris brother george.jpg (18688 bytes) fr harris brother harry.jpg (38206 bytes)
Arthur Harris George A. Harris about 1892 Harry A. Harris, "while a soldier in the Philippines, 1899."
fr harris price's photos.jpg (37648 bytes) general john hall.jpg (25774 bytes)
This advertisement appeared on the reverse of George A. Harris' photo. The photo was taken by Greenfield photographers, E.J. Price & Son (circa 1890). General John E. Hull, "Pupil of F.R. Harris as a high school student." (photo is possibly dated 5/03/1958)


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