Kathleen Patterson, "A Damn Good Artist"


Kathleen Patterson, 94, the last living employee of the C.R. Patterson & Sons automobile company recently passed away.

Mrs. Patterson was born in Greenfield in 1909 to Oley D. and Bessie Wilson. After high school she studied art at the Cooper-Union College in New York.

In 1935 she married Postell Patterson and went to work in her husband's family business as a sheet metal worker.

Following the closure of the business the Pattersons moved to Dayton where Mrs. Patterson became a much in demand seamstress.

She became a widow in 1991 with the passing of her husband.

Since her retirement she spent her days painting and displaying her art. She was a member of the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptures. She considered herself to be, "a damn good artist" and claimed that her paintings always sold out at every show.

At age 92 she penned her autobiography titled It's Been a Wonderful Life, One Day at a Time.

In July of 2003, Mrs. Patterson was invited to visit Greenfield and take part in the communities Wheels of Progress festival. Mayor Lanny Bryant declared July 20th, 2003 as Patterson Family Day in recognition of her family's contribution to the rich history of Greenfield.

Memorial services were held for the family in Dayton.

Mrs. Patterson died in November of 2003.


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Kathleen Patterson, The Artist and her Work...
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This painting is on display in the Traveler's Rest building and was a gift from Mrs. Patterson.

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Mrs. Patterson was the 2003 Grand Marshall of the Wheels of Progress Festival Parade. She is shown her with Greenfield Mayor, Lanny Bryant and area automobile dealer, Tommy Smith.

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Mrs. Patterson was the guest of the city during the 2003 Wheels of Progress Festival. She is seen here talking with Greenfield Mayor Lanny Bryant. A small sampling of her art work was also on display. 
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Thanks to Ron Coffey for providing photographs of Mrs. Patterson's visit to Greenfield.