Published October 29, 2004


Civil War Era Letter From John Waddell

John Waddel Letter to C.P. Buckingham Regarding Recruiting Officer James Galloway
John Waddel, secretary of the Highland County Military Committee, wrote this letter to Adjutant General C.P. Buckingham requesting the removal of recruiting officer James Galloway. Waddel complains that "Galloway gets drunk almost every day, has had frequent street fights [underlined], one of which was seen by the 'Committee', he is getting no recruits, and is disgracing the service." 

During the Civil War, Ohio provided the third largest number of men for the Union and the largest number of soldiers in relation to the population of the state. It is estimated that 346,326 Ohioans served in the Union army. Of those that served, 11,588 were fatally wounded in battle.

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