Editor's Note: This is a scanned, 1906, Waddell Postal Fixture Company catalog. One aspect of Waddell's business was the manufacture of office interiors for the nation's post offices, as well as related office furniture. To view enlarged photographs, simply click on the individual photo. top

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Page 2

To Postmasters and Lessors:

In presenting this Catalog we wish to briefly say:

That we are the largest manufacturers of Post Office Equipments in America;

That during the past five years we have supplied more post offices with furniture than all other manufacturers combined;

That all our Screens, Partitions, Piers and Furniture are of the latest designs and are made to conform to the requirements of the Post Office Department;


That all our post office equipments are sold subject to the acceptance of the Post Office Department;

That this Catalog is the most complete and expensive book produced in its line, and that we should be pleased to have you preserve it intact for future reference.

We make no charge for furnishing blue-print floor plans. (treat care is taken in packing and crating all post
office furniture and equipments, and when same are receipted for by carrier our responsibility ceases and recourse for
damage must he with carrier. This rule holds, whether the goods are sold free on hoard at Greenfield, Ohio, or at destination.

A large part of our furniture and fixtures is shipped knock-down at a great reduction in cost of freight, and may he set up without difficulty.

We do not issue a price list, but quote net prices on application.

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Page 3
Postal Stations Our facilities for turning out complete Postal Station work is unexcelled, building all such work for first-class offices under approved drawings and specifications of the Post Office Department, and we will give all correspondence relating to this class of work our prompt attention.
Second-Class Offices Postmasters are not required to furnish equipments for offices of the second class, but provision is enacted whereby the Post Office Department leases a building for a term of years, and the lessor is required to furnish heat, light and a modern equipment of boxes and furniture suitable for the requirements.
Third -Class Offices The postmaster often furnishes his own equipment, but arrangements are frequently made by lessors who rent the office fully equipped to postmasters or Post Office Department. The salary of the postmaster of this class is based on the total receipts of the office, including sale of stamps, stamped envelopes, postal cards, wrappers and box rents. If the postmaster furnishes the equipment the Department may allow a reasonable amount for rent, light and clerk hire.



$1,900 to $2,100 $1,000
  2,100 to 2,400    1,100
  2,400 to 2,700    1,200
  2,700 to 3,000      1,300
$3,000 to $3,500  $1,400
3,500 to 4,200  1,500
4,200 to 5,000 1,600
5,000 to 6,000  1,700
$6,000 to $7,000 $1,800
7,000 to 8,000 1,900
8,000 to 9,000 2,000

2,000 indicates Second Class Office.

Section No. 471 of the Postal Laws "A postmaster on taking charge of a post office is not compelled to buy the boxes and outfit of his predecessor, hut is required to provide himself with the necessary boxes and fixtures without delay. A retiring postmaster must not remove his boxes until the end of the quarter for which rent has been paid thereon, unless the new postmaster is provided with boxes with which to supply their place. If at the end of the quarter the incoming postmaster can show that it has been impossible to obtain a box outfit, the retiring postmaster must not remove his boxes until a reasonable time has been allowed his successor in which to provide boxes. When a postmaster thus uses his predecessor's boxes he must compensate him therefore."

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Page 13

postcat lock a.jpg (43076 bytes)

postcat lock b.jpg (75048 bytes)

No. 7 Pin Tumbler Key Lock

3 gold plated keys with each lock.

No. 8 Pin Tumbler Key Lock

There is no finer finished and better Key Lock made than our Pin Tumbler Key Lock, and we challenge comparison with any lock offered. It is built especially for First and Second Class offices. The front is made of solid bronze metal and the Nos. 7 and 8 Locks are provided with beveled edge plate glass panels with shaded gold figures. Our Pin Tumbler Key Lock is furnished in three sizes, Nos. 7, 8 and 9 in the following dimensions: No. 7 is 3 11/16 inches wide, 5 inches high. No, 8 is 5 1/2 inches wide, 6 1/4 inches high. No. 9 is 10 7/8 inches wide, 6 1/8 inches high. The following are the inside dimensions of the boxes:

No. 7     3 11/32 inches     4 11/16 inches     9 inches
No. 8 5 3/16 inches 5 7/8 inches 12 inches
No. 9 9 15/16 inches 5 5/16 inches 13 1/2 inches

postcat lock 9.jpg (122253 bytes)

postcat lock 12.jpg (82833 bytes)

Waddell's Pin Tumbler Key Lock No. 9

Waddell's Key Lock No. 12
No. Lock is the largest size and used for drawers. The No. 12 is the largest size and used exclusively for drawer fronts.
Full description and dimensions are given on Page 13. For descriptions and dimensions see Page 15.

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Page 17

postcat wall a.jpg (98637 bytes)

The Screen shown in Use above photograph is mounted with Sash and Glass Overhead Work in one section, and Flat Platted Wire Overhead Work in the other section. Either one or the other is used in many equipments we furnish. and both styles are shown as a fair rep­resentation of the work. The Screen is composed of the Money Order and Register Pier, two sections of Call Boxes with Call Window, General Delivery Pier, section of Keyless Lock Boxes, hewer, Paper and Package Drop and Door Pier, All our screens are made of select quartered oak and beautifully finished. Call Boxes are 3 inches wide, 5 inches high and 9 inches deep, inside measurement. Perpendicular and horizontal partitions are 3/8 inches and 3/15 inches thick respectively. the sides. top and bottom being inches. Usually nested nine high, instead of ten high as shown in rut. Made with wood bottoms unless dustless wire bottoms are verified. Wood bottom nests are 49% inches high, outside measurement, wire bottom. 46% inches.

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Page 18

postcat screen a.jpg (53811 bytes)

Compare our late designs of Piers and Screens as illustrated b} photographs in this catalog. with those of other manufac­ture and you will note in our work the elimination of old style raised panels, cheap embossed moldings, and out of date trimmings. Our work is elegant in appearance and finish, not overdone at any point. and is up-to-the-nil Dire in design and detail.

Construction: Genuine quartered oak fluted pilaster. Ionic. hand caned capitals, dental molding, chipped glass upper panels, quartered oak sash glazed with chipped glass, quartered oak frames with three-ply quartered oak panels F inch thick. All work tilled, shellac ed, coated with surfacer, well varnished, hand rubbed and polished and finished in a rich golden oak.

Why purchase Piers and screen in old style designs which hare been in use for years.' Have an eye to the artistic and please your patrons.

This style Screen is the same as used for nets of lock and call boxes, the nests fitting in just above We two lower panels and below the two upper chipped glass panels.

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Page 19
postcat screen b.jpg (22256 bytes) postcat screen c.jpg (57448 bytes)

Construction : Fluted quartered oak pilasters, Ionic hand carved capitals, chipped glass top panels, 3-ply quartered oak side and lower panels, quartered oak shelf and frame, oxidized metal grille in wicket pro vided with a lock, oak sash glazed with chipped glass. Roth grille and sash are raised, not hinged. Sash has stop and lock.

Actual photograph of stamp window, money order and registry pier. Construction same as General Delivery Pier.

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Page 20
postcat screen d.jpg (100077 bytes) postcat screen e.jpg (67807 bytes)
Actual photograph of money order and registry pier. Actual photograph of money order pier.

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Page 22

postcat screen f.jpg (96474 bytes)

Pier with three windows for carriers'. For description of construction see page 18. 

United States Post Office,

Washington C.H., Ohio, Fayette County

June 30, 1906

The Waddell Postal Fixture Co.,
Greenfield, Ohio.
It affords me great pleasure to state that the Complete Post Office equipment, manufactured and installed in the Washington C. H. Ohio Post Office in February 1906, by your firm, has met every requirement of the service and government inspection under the specifications.
It has been pronounced one of the finest and most complete P. O. equipments of any second class office in Ohio. The construction is of the best quality of quartered oak with perfect finish and superb panel work.    
 Upon its inspection and acceptance March 17, 1906, by a representative of the Salary and Allowance Division, Washington the highest praise and recommendation was personally expressed for the complete, perfect and entire satisfactory manner in which your firm had completed your contract and had filled all your Obligations pertaining thereto.

Very respectively, 

r//~1J~i f,1^/, Postmaster

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Page 23

postcat molding a.jpg (46839 bytes)

Pilaster, Capital and Cornice

This is a full size photograph of the pilaster, capital and cornice used in all our post office Screens and Piers. The capital is Ionic design, hand carved and mounted on a fluted quartered oak pilaster 4 inches wide. The dental molding used in the cornice is in keeping with the design of the capital, the whole presenting an artistic and beau­tiful appearance, pleasing to the eye. On top of the cornice (not shown in this photograph) is a molding which extends slightly above the capital, and back of this molding the overhead screen rests.

We feel perfectly safe in saying that in our post office piers and screen we have the very latest and handsomest de-sign offered, and many complimentary letters have been sent to us for our efforts in producing post office equipments.

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Page 24

Owing to space required we show but one photograph in this catalog of an interior post office view, the above showing a portion only of the equipment we installed at Washington C. H. Ohio.

The sections of lock boxes are not shown in this picture, but are to the right of the general delivery pier. Both styles of overhead work, platted wire work over the post office screen, and wood and glass panel over cigar stand are shown in the photograph. Every town in which we install an equipment the claim is made by the Postmaster and patrons that "they have the finest post office in the State." 

postcat wall b.jpg (57842 bytes)

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Page 25
postcat window a.jpg (55753 bytes) postcat rail a.jpg (6602 bytes)

We furnish either wood and glass overhead work as shown in the above photograph, or platted wire work. Best quality of double strength clear glass is used and one or more sash are hinged to permit ventilation. Genuine quartered oak pilasters are furnished with this work.

This rail is usually placed about two feet from the center of the General Delivery Pier and parallel with it, and prevents patrons crowding one another. It is 3 feet high and 3 feet wide, made from 2 inch wrought iron pipe with ball joints and floor plates, all painted a dead black.

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Page 26
postcat desk a.jpg (62425 bytes) postcat desk b.jpg (33363 bytes)

Money Order and Registry Cabinet DesKs No. 16

Money Order and Registry Cabinet Desk No. 14

The photographs on this and page 27 show several sizes furnished with Money Order and Registry Piers. Made of oak, golden oak finish. Shelves, boxes and partitions made of select poplar. No 14 is made from 2 to 3 feet lung

No. 15 is made from 3 to 6 feet long. No. 16 is made from 6 to 10 feet long. Dimensions: Government standard. Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

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Page 27

postcat desk c.jpg (54705 bytes)

postcat cabinet a.jpg (45085 bytes)

Money Order and Registry Cabinet Desk No. 15

Cash and Stamp Cabinet No. 17

Made of oak, golden oak finish. Provided with stamp drawers and cash drawer, the latter having coin hoppers and tills for paper money. All drawers are locked by a single lock_ furnished with two flat steel keys. Dimensions: Government standard. Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

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Page 31
postcat table a.jpg (32641 bytes) postcat table b.jpg (45238 bytes)

Stamping Table No. 67

Double Stamping Table No. 68 

 This table is substantially made and well finished, It is made of oak, golden oak finish. The rubber pad is 1/4 inch thick and lays on an iron foundation and is covered with heavy hog skin. Dimensions: Government standard. Shipped knock-down to save freight. Do not mutilate this page. Order by number. 

Made of oak, golden oak finish. Dimensions: 37 inches high, 6 feet long, 28 inches deep. Heavy rubber stamping pads 10 x 10 inches, laid on heavy cast iron base. Legs firmly braced with 3/4 inch gas pipe and face plates, all japanned. Made in one size only. Shipped knocked-down to save freight. 

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Page 32
postcat table c.jpg (37970 bytes) postcat table d.jpg (26585 bytes)
Combined Dumping and Stamping Table with Mailing
and Slip Case and Bag Rack No. 69
Stamping Table and Mailing Case No. 72
Made of oak, golden oak finish. Boxes made of poplar, covered on hack with galvanized wire cloth. Dimensions: Table is 6 feet long, 28 inches wide, 3 feet high. Boxes are 1 inches square, 7 inches deep. Slip boxes are 1.% inches high, 7 inches deep. Stamping pad is 10 x 10 inches with heavy rubber pad laid on iron base. Name clips on each box.

Made in the following sizes:

No. 69 has 35 boxes, 35 slip boxes, rack for 3 bags. 
No. 70 has 35 boxes, 35 slip boxes, rack for 6 bags. 
No. 71 has 48 boxes, 48 slip boxes, rack for 6 bags.
Shipped knock-down to save freight. Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

Made of oak, golden oak finish. Boxes made of select yellow poplar and covered on hack with galvanized wire cloth. Rubber pad rests on cast iron base and is covered with heavy hog skin.

Dimensions: Government standard. Shipped knock-down to save freight.

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Page 33
postcat table e.jpg (43041 bytes) postcat table f.jpg (45709 bytes)
Facing Slip and Storage Case No. 75 Carriers' Letter Separating Case and Table No. 82
Made of furniture oak, golden oak finish. Boxes are made from select yellow poplar and the back covered with galvanized wire cloth. Each box is provided with a brass name clip.

We furnish case in the following sizes:

Made of oak, golden oak finish. Boxes are made of yellow poplar, open front and back: size of each box is 6 inches wide, 7 inches high, 17 inches deep. Drawers have burnished brass pulls. Brass name clips on each box. The table is 33 inches high, 36 inches wide. Shipped knock-down to save freight.
No. 73 has 40 boxes No. 76 has 144 boxes
No. 74 has 80 boxes No. 77 has 160 boxes
No. 75 has 112 boxes   No. 78 has 184 boxes
Dimensions: Government standard.
No. 79 has 24 boxes     No. 82 has 52 boxes
No. 80 has 32 boxes  No. 83 has 64 boxes
No. 81 has 40 boxes  No. 84 has 80 boxes
Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

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Page 34
postcat table g.jpg (38996 bytes) postcat table h.jpg (43172 bytes)
Carriers' Paper Case and Table No. 87 Carriers' Routing Table and Case No. 90
Made of oak, golden oak finish. Boxes are made of select yellow poplar with shelves inclined about 22° and provided with doors at back covered with galvanized wire cloth and secured by a catch. Dimensions: Government standard.
No. 85 with 12 boxes,   No. 87 with 18 boxes
No. 86 with 15 boxes No. 88 with 24 boxes
No. 89 with 30 boxes
Shipped knock-down to save freight.

Made of oak, golden oak finish. Boxes made of select yellow poplar. It is known as a Double Carriers' Table and Case. Every other partition is made removable, so that the carrier may regulate the width of the boxes to meet the requirements of his route.

These Cases may be placed back to back if so desired. The hack is covered with galvan­ized wire cloth. Dimensions: Government standard. Stools for this table are furnished at an additional cost. Shipped knock-down to save freight.

This case is made in a number of sizes, those carried in stock being as follows: Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

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Page 38
postcat cabinet b.jpg (35401 bytes) postcat cabinet c.jpg (57224 bytes)
Blank Cabinet No. 107 Blank Cabinet No. 109
Made of oak, golden oak finish; shelves, select poplar. The door is provided with lock and two keys. Dimensions: 23 inches wide, 20 inches high, 16 inches deep. We also make a No. 108 Blank Cabinet twice the height and capacity of No. 107.

This cabinet is made of oak, finished golden oak, the interior being made of select poplar. The doors are provided with good locks. It has large capacity and is a very useful piece of furniture. Dimensions: 6 feet 3 inches high, 4 feet wide.

Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

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Page 39
postcat sort c.jpg (43563 bytes)
The Money Order Advice Cases shown on this page are made of oak, golden oak finish. The boxes are made of select poplar and cov­ered on back with galvanized wire cloth. Each box is provided with a brass name clip. Order by number.
postcat sort a.jpg (48708 bytes)

Money Order Paid Advice Case No. 110

postcat sort b.jpg (99120 bytes)

Combined Paid and Unpaid Money Order Advice Case No. 112

Money Order Paid Advice Case No. 111

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Page 40
postcat_cabinet_e.jpg (33870 bytes) postcat_cabinet_d.jpg (30629 bytes)
Stock Cabinet No. 114 Wardrobe for Postmasters and Carriers No. 120
Made of oak, golden oak finish, interior of select yellow poplar. Doors provided with good lock. These cabinets are made in five sizes as follows: This wardrobe is made in several sizes, from one to six sections, the above photograph showing our No. 120 in three sections. It is made of oak, golden oak finish, each section being 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep and 6 feet 2 inches high. The doors have good locks with two at steel keys.
No. 113, 4 feet Wide, 7 feet high
No. 114, 5 feet wide, 7 feet high
No. 115, 6 feet wide, 7 feet high
No. 116, 7 feet wide, 7 feet high
No, 117, 8 feet wide, 7 feet high
All sizes are 18 inches deep.
No. 118 has one section    
No. 119 has two sections  
No. 120 has three sections
No. 121 has four sections
No. 122 has five sections
No. 123 has six sections

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Page 42

postcat mirrow.jpg (30062 bytes)

postcat letter a.jpg (82955 bytes)

Advertised Letter Case No. 129

Cabinet of oak, golden oak finish, Door glazed with best double strength clear glass and is provided with a good luck and two flat steel keys. Case attached to wall by screws. Made in three sizes as follows:
No. 129, 21 inches wide, 28 inches high 
No. 130, 24 inches wide, 28 inches high
No. 131, 30 inches wide, 28 inches high

postcat drawer.jpg (25461 bytes)

Water's Bin No. 132

This bin is sometimes used in post office screens and is located in the wood work directly under the nests of lock or call boxes. It is hinged at the bottom and is provided with a pull and good lock with two flat steel keys. The bin is used as a receptacle for heavy and large packages of mail which cannot be placed in the ordinary lock box or drawer

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Page 46

postcat desk f.jpg (48966 bytes)

Typewriter Cabinet No. 735

No. 735, 35 inches long, 28 inches deep, 30 inches high

Made of quartered oak, golden oak finish, 5-ply built-up panels. One key locks all four drawers. Rubbed polish finish. Bronzed castings. The only typewriter cabinet made with movable top remaining in horizontal position for use of papers, copy or books.

Do not mutilate this page. Order by number.

postcat desk d.jpg (38860 bytes)

Single Standing Desk No. PS60

No. PS60, 60 inches long, 32 inches deep, 2 drawers 
No. PS72, 72 inches long, 32 inches deep, 3 drawers
Made of plain white oak, golden oak finish. Gloss finish. Shipped knock-down to save freight.

postcat desk e.jpg (56894 bytes)

Table No. T60

No. T48, 4 feet long, 30 inches deep, 2 drawers
No. T60, 5 feet long, 32 inches deep, 2 drawers
No. T72, 6 feet long, 34 inches deep, 3 drawers
Made of select quartered oak, golden oak finish. Rubbed and polished finish, 5-ply top. Shipped knock-down to save freight.
Page 47
postcat table i.jpg (42076 bytes) postcat base a.jpg (43142 bytes)
Typewriter Table No. 100S Letter Press Stand No. 142

Size 32 inches long, 18 inches wide, 26 inches high

Made in one size only, of oak, golden oak finish. Drawers are pro­vided with burnished brass pulls and the door with good lock. Dimensions: Government standard.
Quartered oak, golden oak finish. One arm rest and one drawer. Shipped knock-down to save freight.

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Page 48
postcat chair a.jpg (28903 bytes) postcat chair b.jpg (28086 bytes) postcat chair c.jpg (21127 bytes)
Office Chair No 493M Office Chair No 463M Typewriter Chair No. 450M
Genuine quartered oak, double seat, screw and spring, rubbed and polished Genuine quartered oak, double seat, rubbed and polished. Genuine quartered oak, double seat, screw and spring, rubbed and polished.

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Page 49
postcat stool c.jpg (20960 bytes) postcat chair d.jpg (22018 bytes) postcat stool a.jpg (26455 bytes) postcat stool b.jpg (24352 bytes)
Office Chair No. 102M High Back Office Chair No. 208M Office Stool No. 200M Office Stool
Golden elm, gloss finish. Golden oak, elm seat, gloss finish. Fron floor to seat, 36 inches. Golden oak, revolving elm seat, gloss finish; 36 inches high at lowest point.
No. 82M, office stool, 25 inches high.
No. 82 1/2, office stool, 30 inches high.
No. 83, office stool, 36 inches high.

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Page 50
postcat safe a.jpg (45920 bytes) postcat safe b.jpg (49607 bytes)
Fire and Burglar Proof Safe No. 12

   The above cut illustrates the steel chest for the No. 12 Fire and Burglar Proof Safe. It is made large enough inside to accommodate packages of stamps without bending or folding. The door shows the cap removed to display the lock mechanism. Inside dimensions of the chest are as follows: 104 inches high, 13/ inches wide, 10'/s inches deep.

   Outside dimensions: 56 inches high, 35;4 inches wide, 32 inches deep.    Fire and Burglar Proof Safes should not be compared in price with the ordinary fire proof safe, as the former are far superior in every detail and much higher in price.
   Inside dimensions: 36 inches high, 24 inches wide, 16 inches deep.    We can furnish any size or style safe wanted, and give below dimensions of a few of the larger sizes. All have double outside and inside doors.

   Furnished with or without steel chest. Two book spaces, 20 x 814 inches. One book space side of chest, 131 x 5 inches. Approximate weight, 3,200 pounds. These safes are well and favorably known

Model High Wide Deep Weight
No. 11 Outside 54 inches 33 1/3 inches 31 inches 3,000 pounds
Inside 34 Inches 22 inches 14 inches
No. 13 Outside 58 inches 38 inches 33 inches 3,500 pounds
Inside 38 Inches 26 inches 15 inches
No. 14 Outside 60 1/2 inches 41 inches 33 inches 3,800 pounds
Inside 40 inches 28 inches 16 inches
No. 15 Outside 70 1/2 inches 41 1/2 inches 34 inches 4,900 pounds
Inside 48 inches 28 3/4 inches 17 inches

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Page 51
postcat brass plates b.jpg (93253 bytes) postcat brass plates a.jpg (78178 bytes)

postcat brass plates.jpg (82361 bytes)

Post Office Name Plates

These plates arc made of solid bronze metal and are elegantly finished. We show but a few photographs of the plates we carry in stock and call promptly supply the following:
General Delivery 2 1/4 x 12 5/8" Superintendent 2 1/4 x 12 5/8"
General Delivery 5 3/8 x 6 7/8" Registered Letter 2 1/4 x 12 5/8"
Money Order     2 1/4 x 12 5/8" Stamp Window 2 1/4 x 12 5/8"
Call Window 2 1/4 x 12 5/8" Package Window 3 1/8 x 9"
Postmaster    2 1/4 x 12 5/8" Package Drop Plate 7 3/4 x 12 3/4"
Gentlemen's Window 2 1/4 x 12 5/8" Private    2 1/4 x 9"
Ladies' Window  2 1/4 x 12 5/8" Carrier  2 1/4 x 9"

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Page 58
Editor's Note: The remaining seven pages of this catalog consist of various floor plans the Waddell Postal Fixture Co. successfully employed around the nation. Floor Plan No. 151 was used by them in Windsor, NC.

postcat floor plan.jpg (102953 bytes)

Floor Plan No. 151. 

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